Mackerel with beetroot and apple salsa

DSC_0006This week I’ve been nailed to my bed. The big bad Flu had swept me off my feet without apology. Feeling like I was under house arrest, I could only dream of returning to my natural habitat – the cafés in New Town and around campus, the markets and, most importantly, my kitchen.

Yesterday I finally ventured out, armed with dozens of tissues and strepsils (the despicable things!). It didn’t take me long to realize, with equal measures of sympathy and alarm, that all around me fellow Saturday-shoppers were sneezing and coughing in gloomy symphony. Clearly, my predicament was not mine alone.

So now that I’m gradually easing back into my usual vigour (well, at least I’ve regained mobility), I thought I’d ease the process by cooking something of a health boost.
It’s been ages since I’ve had mackerel, which is packed with omega3-goodness but tastes sinfully divine. Raw organic beetroot and apples dressed with mustard make a sweet and tangy accompaniment to the salty smoked fish. If you are of a Scandi persuasion like myself, you would have this with dark, earthy rye bread – but really, any type of bread will go.

A toast to your health! Have a splendid Sunday.

Serves 2:
2 filets of smoked mackerel
2 slices of rye bread or other type of bread
1 medium beetroot
1 large apple – I used Cox
a handful of chopped parsley
a handful of almonds (optional)

for the dressing:
1 teaspoon English mustard
½-1 teaspoon runny honey
a squeeze of lemon juice
1 tablespoon olive oil
salt and pepper

1. If using almonds, toast them until browned and fragrant in a hot, dry pan.

2. Peel the beetroot and dice the beetroot and apple into little cubes. Chop the almonds roughly.

3. Mix the ingredients for the dressing in a bowl that will be able to take the contents of the salsa later. Meanwhile, toast the bread.

4. Now tumble the apple and beetroot cubes with the dressing and add parsley. Arrange the salsa with the smoked mackerel and the toasted bread. Finish with a scattering of crushed almonds.

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