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Nettle soup

They are everywhere. Peeking out beneath the hedgerow. Carpeting the slopes of the forest. The gardener’s terror and the forager’s treasure. For me, up until now nettles have been more infamous for their sting than for their taste. But all … Continue reading

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Asparagus with prosciutto ham and poached egg

Asparagus is known as a harbinger of spring, and the recent weeks have proved it, what with the spectacular weather we’ve enjoyed in Edinburgh. Sun blazing from clear blue skies, Princes Street Gardens dotted with sunbathers – yes, hard as … Continue reading

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Sweet potato ‘rösti’ with goat’s cheese

In my book, sweet potatoes are an absolute godsend. Delectable in their rich sweetness, they are also wonderfully low maintenance – cut them into wedges and shove them in the oven, and you’ve got yourself an exquisite little treat (beats … Continue reading

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Chorizo and kale pizza with goat’s cheese

Pizzas, especially when the base is ready-made, are the epitome of home-cooked fast food. Hence they appear quite often on my blog, and I love to play around with unusual toppings. It’s time to return to an old favourite, kale, … Continue reading

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Danish cinnamon rolls

Is there anything better than freshly baked cinnamon rolls? The warm scent of cinnamon comforting you like a big woolly blanket. The gentle cracking sound of bread being taken apart, giving way to a column of hot white steam. Embellishing … Continue reading

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Roast tomato salad with hazelnuts and cauliflower ’cous cous’

When it comes to cauliflower, raw is the only option for me. Sweet, delicate and crunchy, it is totally unrecognisable from its cooked counterpart which introduces that drab, slightly bitter taste so characteristic of any member of the cabbage family. … Continue reading

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