Good morning

DSC_0010Natural yoghurt, rhubarb compote, chopped almonds. A perfect start to the day.

For many, weekday breakfast is a rushed affair (if it is indeed taken at all).  Wolfed down hurriedly, mechanically almost. It doesn’t have to be like that, though, and I’m not suggesting you rise an hour earlier than usual to cook some elaborate break-feast. I’m saying that with a couple of good things in your larder, you can whip up a delicious breakfast in no time at all. Why should the first meal of the day be given a lower priority than lunch and (especially) dinner, which are comparatively adorned with so much love and effort?

Every meal should be savoured. If we don’t enjoy our food then what’s the point?

On a non-food related note, I’ve discovered the stupidest app which makes me laugh: ‘Is it raining in Edinburgh?’. It keeps you updated on the weather situation in the Scottish capital in case you’re too lazy to look out the window. ‘NO’, ‘IT’S VERY MOIST’, ‘A BIT’ are the kind of messages that have been sent out to the good people of Edinburgh over the last couple of days. I know. Was there ever a more superfluous service?! It is raining most of the time, anyway.

And in case there is a sunny day and you experience a pang of longing for the all-too-familiar rain, of course there is an app to help you get back in the right mood.
Oddly, I’m finding myself more comfortable with rain than with sunshine now, and I don’t know if this is a strange effect of having lived in Scotland for almost a year, or if it was there always, secretly. Sigh. My relationship with Scotland is indeed a true love story…

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