IMG_0306 <—- Who dons this fabulous apron, you ask?

Let me introduce you to her. Name of Lizzie, she is a twenty-something social anthropologist, writer, and home cook. Currently not a student in name but always a student at heart, she is forever exploring new culinary territory.

A self-confessed foodie since infancy, she used to draw princesses and decorate their dresses with her favourite foods. Aged 10 she was given a weekly cooking slot at home and discovered the joy of cooking for others. As a young adult, she despises overcomplicated and pretentious food. Instead she embraces simple cooking, which she says is the most flavoursome, and indeed the most challenging kind.

Hailing from Denmark, she is now living in Edinburgh, the city she fell madly in love with. The winding cobbled streets and alleyways, the romance, the mystery. The persisting rain and the occasional fog cloaking the gothic monuments. The stench of frying oil hanging in the air. She loves the lot.

From her Edinburghian haven she reports her cooking adventures – big and small, sweet and strange, but always honest and simple. She hopes you enjoy exploring with her.



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